Support For Local Watershed Groups

Skills and connection for farming neighbors, ag landowners, coordinators and local collaborators who want to do and lead for healthy watersheds

“If you look around, a lot is happening. It starts with someone who sees the watershed-scale issue and wants to do something about it.”
— Dave Vetrano, farmer and former Wisconsin DNR fish biologist

Neighbors Are Powerful Influencers

Environmentally-friendly farms, healthy streams, and thriving native fish populations can be the norm.

The balance tips to widespread, lasting farm and watershed health when many farm landowners and operators take action in one place at the same time. Using farming methods that reduce erosion and nutrient loss across watersheds creates conditions that allow natural systems to renew themselves, so working lands remain productive and fish thrive for future generations.

Build the Strength of Your Local Team

Watershed Leaders Network activities introduce local groups to people who are working toward similar goals in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. Workshops, events and online connections provide opportunities to hear real-life success stories, share experiences, ask questions, build skills and knowledge, and reflect and strategize as local teams away from daily demands.

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Workshop participants go home renewed and ready to accomplish. They’ve established new farmer-led councils, invited neighbors to participate, used and advocated new farming practices, held more frequent watershed group meetings, requested and used water test kits on their own tile lines, monitored streams next to fields, attended others’ meetings to encourage and share expertise, applied for funding, invited NRCS and other agencies to share information, presented to groups, explained their projects to the press, met with legislators, planned and led field days at new sites, and developed watershed planning processes specific to local needs.

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Producer & Soil Health Advocate

Tim Smith

Eagle Grove, Iowa
Tim Smith

Producer & Farmer-Led Council Founder

John Eron

Stevens Point, Wisconsin
John Eron

Le Sueur River Watershed Network Coordinator

Jessica Nelson

South Central Minnesota
Jessica Nelson