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We support farmers, landowners and local partners working together to protect soil and reduce nutrient runoff to streams of the Upper Mississippi River Basin

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What's New?

The Fishers and Farmers Partnership proudly announces the allocation of over $200,000 to bolster soil health and water quality initiatives in five states within the Upper Mississippi River Basin.

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Fund Your Local Project

Each year we award National Fish Habitat Partnership funds to locally led projects in Upper Mississippi River Basin agricultural watersheds. Funded projects engage landowners; improve farms and fish habitat; address a root cause of watershed problems; support communications, monitoring, science or construction; and align with our strategic plan.

Step Into Unique Programs

Our workshops, live and digital events, podcasts, stories and videos introduce you to people who are teaming up with neighbors to use, share and expand sustainable agriculture practices and improve streams and water quality. Learn how diverse partners are taking on challenges and creating successes, and how you can do the same.

Connect With Local Groups

Locally led, neighbor to neighbor soil health and watershed groups are driving landscape scale change across the Upper Midwest. Use our directory to find active groups and reach out to people who are working in landscapes or projects like yours. Explore their websites and events for inspiration. Email, call or meet to energize your work.

Use our Resources

There’s a lot of information out there, so start with our go-to list of stream, fish and ag resources for Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. Zoom into our interactive map to see streams in your county. Learn about fish and how to get a fishing license. And read about people who are taking action together.