Connect with farming neighbors, landowners and local collaborators to learn, share and define next steps forward

Join the farmer-led conversation

Our Watershed Leaders Network workshops help local groups focus, listen, choose a direction, stick together, stay organized, and achieve their goals

Fishers & Farmers workshops connect farmers, landowners, and collaborators with others who are working for sustainable farms, streams and communities in the Upper Mississippi River Basin. At our interactive, no-lecture, professionally-facilitated events participants hear new perspectives, ask questions that matter, host conversations, tell stories of challenge and success, reflect, and identify their own next steps. It is a rich, practical way to learn.

All Collaborators in the Same Room

Solutions demand participation from all involved in agriculture and conservation delivery systems, including: farmers, agronomists, crop advisors, ag retailers, ag suppliers, nonfarming landowners, women landowners, professional land managers, bankers, realtors, policy makers, conservation professionals, local government staff, and community organizations. We invite all partners into the same room, with farmers at the center.

Every voice is heard. Together, we dive in to focus on real, shared work and local solutions. All leave with thoughtful action plans for work at home.

Fishers & Farmers serves in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. Watch for scheduled workshops or contact us to co-host a workshop in your watershed, to bring in more people and grow your local work.

Our steering committee walks away from these workshops reinvigorated and affirmed,
and we keep coming back for the learning and connections.” — J. Nelson