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Boots on the Ground | Seven Mile Creek Watershed Partnership

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For Seven Mile Creek Watershed Partnership, more than 20 years of meaningful connection, on-farm projects and active public interest slowed to a thoughtful pause just before the pandemic. Resisting the reflex to charge ahead, project partners used that time to look closely at what is needed now, who is ready to lead, and what practices will help area farming neighbors meet financial, social and conservation goals.

In this conversation, meet Seven Mile Creek area farmers Nick Peters and Ben Penner, University of Minnesota manure management specialist Melissa Wilson, Eric Miller, Nicollet County Soil & Water Conservation District watershed technician, and Brad Gordon, southern Minnesota program manager for Great River Greening. Learn how they identified next steps, developed a series of videos featuring local producers and fish specialists, built on area farmers' successful work, and engaged Penner to systematically share his knowledge about integrating new crops such as Kernza in rotations.

In this Boots on the Ground with Fishers & Farmers conversation series, meet people who are working together where they live to protect places they care about. Ask questions. Talk with peers. Leave inspired.