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The Le Sueur River Watershed Network is a citizen-led group that has worked to improve watershed conditions since 2012. Its purpose is to encourage collaboration, empower citizens, and nurture a land stewardship ethic among people who live, work and recreate in the watershed.

The Network is guided by recommendations developed by a Citizen Advisory Committee in a series of meetings from 2012 to 2013 and ratified by the larger Network. Recommendations for action are described in this video, and more specifically in Seven Steps towards cleaner water and river health.


Fishers & Farmers Partnership for the Upper Mississippi River Basin supports collaborative, local, farmer-driven work for healthy streams, farms and fish habitat. For more than a decade it has provided funds, connection, and leadership development to projects in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin, including this Minnesota project. Learn about Fishers & Farmers Partnership funding and apply here.