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2022 | Fishers & Farmers Coordination, Science & Communications Teams

Fishers & Farmers Partnership is funding coordination, communications and science positions.

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2014 | Fishers & Farmers Outreach & Communications

FFP is communicating to engage farmers in project demonstrations and farmer-led committee assembly.

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Neighbors gather at Dave and Veronica Fogerty's Black Creek Bison Ranch west of Spooner to see test plots of alternative and emergency forages

Shell Lake-Yellow River Farmer Led Watershed Council

Working as a non-profit organization to improve soil health and water quality through outreach, education, and conservation practices that improve sustainable agriculture.

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Sauk Soil & Water Improvement Group

We are improving soil health and water quality through regenerative agricultural practices and education, to build resilient family farms and thriving rural communities, including healthy soils and clean waters.

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2013 | Engaging Landowners Workshops

Missouri Department of Conservation is leading landowner engagement workshops for federal/state/county/NGO staff in a five-state area.

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2014 | FFP Science Team

FFP is hiring a coordinator to demonstrate science-driven development of fish habitat conservation and restoration strategies locally, regionally and nationally.

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2014 | Kickapoo River Watershed

Valley Stewardship Network is establishing a demonstration site, hosting landowner discussions about economic benefits of best farm management practices, restoring 30 acres of tilled floodplain and conducting water quality monitoring.

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2017 | Fishers & Farmers Science & Communications Teams

FFP GIS/science/outreach staff are communicating fish habitat conservation strategies that benefit UMRB streams/rivers, informing strategic habitat conservation plans and engaging people in conservation action.

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2017 | Kickapoo River Watershed

Valley Stewardship Network is creating the first farmer-led Iowa State University Science-based STRIPS (Trials of Rowcrops Integrated with Prairie Strips) demonstration and farmer-to-farmer education site in Wisconsin.

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