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2023| Huzzah/Shoal Creeks Woodlands for Wildlife

Using conservation marketing, an innovative approach being used in this geography, to engage landowners willing to adopt agricultural BMPs (Best Management Practices).

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Huzzah/Shoal Creek Woodlands for Wildlife

Huzzah/Shoal Creek Woodlands for Wildlife is a bottom-up, self-organized farmer-led committee that began with a conversation between landowners and conservation organizations in 2008.

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Stream Teams United

​Stream Teams United promotes and supports Missouri Stream Teams and Stream Team Associations. We facilitate education to build appreciation and knowledge of Missouri stream resources, and support stewardship projects to improve the health of Missouri’s rivers and streams.

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One Missouri farmer steps up to connect neighbors, agencies, and policy makers

Brent Hoerr, president of Marion County Drainage District for 40 years, experienced a Mississippi River flood first when his family lost their home in 1973. “Floods overload agriculture, transportation and the environment, and we can minimize impact through collaboration.”

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2013 | Engaging Landowners Workshops

Missouri Department of Conservation is leading landowner engagement workshops for federal/state/county/NGO staff in a five-state area.

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2013 | Bourbeuse / Meramec River Watershed

Farmers and Missouri Department of Conservation are implementing managed grazing to add value to farms and reduce sedimentation, nutrient loading & streambank instability.

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2014 | Peno Creek Watershed

Missouri Department of Conservation, NRCS and others are providing technical and cost share assistance to Peno Creek Cooperative Partnership for watering systems, riparian corridor tree plantings, stream fencing and stream crossings.

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2016 | Spring Creek Watershed

Farmers and Missouri Department of Conservation are installing alternative water systems, riparian fencing and reinforced stream crossings, restoring riparian corridors, developing managed grazing plans and planting cover crops to improve fish habitat.

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2017 | Shoal Creek Watershed

Farmers, Shoal Creek Woodlands for Wildlife Partnership and Ozark Land Trust are implementing a Marketing Action Plan to increase infiltration, improve stream channel habitat and reduce sediment and nutrient loading.

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