Huzzah/Shoal Creek Woodlands for Wildlife

Huzzah/Shoal Creek Woodlands for Wildlife is a bottom-up, self-organized farmer-led committee that began with a conversation between landowners and conservation organizations in 2008.

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Vermillion Headwaters Watershed Partnership

landowners gather to see how one neighbor is managing cover crops and conservation tillage.

American Farmland Trust is working with local stakeholders through the Vermilion Headwaters Watershed (VHW) Partnership to support the adoption of well-managed conservation cropping systems, leading to improvements in water quality…

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Middle Cedar River Watershed

Iowa State graduate students learning about saturated buffers

Our project is aligned with state goals to reduce nutrient pollution we contribute to the Upper Mississippi by 45%. We work in collaboration with federal, state, county, private and local…

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2017 | Shoal Creek Watershed

Farmers, Shoal Creek Woodlands for Wildlife Partnership and Ozark Land Trust are implementing a Marketing Action Plan to increase infiltration, improve stream channel habitat and reduce sediment and nutrient loading.

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