Latest Past Events

Neighbor to Neighbor | Peno Creek Cooperative Partnership

John Scherder planted cover crops in a difficult year, saw their benefits and never turned back. A strategic plan turned fisheries biologist Chris Williamson’s attention from Peno Creek to the land, to protect the stream. The two connected in a meeting where listening was the focus. And from there a small group found a way […]

Boots on the Ground | Seven Mile Creek Watershed Partnership

For Seven Mile Creek Watershed Partnership, more than 20 years of meaningful connection, on-farm projects and active public interest slowed to a thoughtful pause just before the pandemic. Resisting the reflex to charge ahead, project partners used that time to look closely at what is needed now, who is ready to lead, and what practices […]

Neighbor to Neighbor | Women for the Land + Learning Circles for Women Nonoperating Landowners

In Livingston County, Illinois, 70-75% of farmland is leased—well above upper Midwest state averages of 40-55%—and a large percentage of landowners are female. Becky Taylor leads learning circles there for women landowners, often heirs of local farm families who want to be good land stewards but haven’t previously been responsible for farming decisions, don’t feel […]