Upper Mississippi River Basin

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What is a Watershed

The Basin…

Is drained by 12 major tributaries and 30,700 miles of streams;

Is inhabited by 30 million people, 80% of whom live in urban areas;

Is the only U.S. river system designated as both a nationally significant navigation system and a nationally significant ecosystem;

Supports more than 11 million recreational trips annually — more than most national parks, including Yellowstone;

Has a landscape that is more than 60% cropland and pasture.


Fishers & Farmers Partnership mapbooks are decision-making tools for land management. Files are large, so will take a few minutes to download.
Iowa Fish Habitat Mapbook
Illinois Fish Habitat Mapbook
Minnesota Fish Habitat Mapbook
Missouri Fish Habitat Mapbook
Wisconsin Fish Habitat Mapbook

Where are the fish?

Where are the fish?
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