Your Watershed

How’s My Waterway? | U.S. EPA, Learn the condition of local streams, lakes and other waters
Ag Site Assessment Tool | Generate a report on your land and its surroundings
Science in Your Watershed | U.S. Geological Survey

Agricultural Practices

Soil Health Digest: 20 Things Every Farmer Needs to Know | Successful Farming Soil Health Digest
Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program | Minnesota Department of Ag
Best Management Practices
| Clean Water Iowa
Iowa Learning Farms | Iowa State University Extension
Best Management Practices | Illinois Council On Best Management Practices
Agricultural Best Management Practices Handbook For Minnesota | Minnesota Department Of Ag
Nitrogen Fertilizer Best Management Practices | Minnesota Department Of Agriculture

Private Landowner Network | Encyclopedic resource for conservation of private lands
Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) | Illinois
Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) | Iowa
Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) | Minnesota
Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) | Missouri
Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) | Wisconsin


Wallace Pasture Project
Iowa Forage & Grassland Council
Minnesota Grazing Lands Conservation Association
Missouri Forage & Grassland Council
National Grazing Lands Coalition
Practical Farmers Of Iowa

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship

Marketing & Financials of Grass-fed Beef  | Rod Ofte Coon Valley, WI
School For Beginning Dairy & Livestock Farmers | University Of Wisconsin
Illinois Grazing Manual | NRCS Illinois
Library Of Grazing Publications | Iowa Beef Center, Iowa State University Extension
Mob Grazing | NRCS Iowa
Rotational Grazing | Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture
Perennial Forages and Grazing | Land Stewardship Project
Pasture Based Dairy Program | University Of Missouri Extension
Grazing Management | Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources
Pasture For Profit: A Guide To Rotational Grazing | USDA NRCS
Why make the transition to grazing? | Wisconsin farmers share their perspectives
The Benefits of Rotational Grazing | Jim Munsch Coon Valley, WI

Cover Crops

Considerations for First Time Cover Crop Adopters | Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council
Reducing Soil Erosion with Cover Crops | Iowa Learning Farms
Cover Crops | Iowa State University
Conservation Practices – Cover Crops | Minnesota Department of Agriculture
NRCS – Cover Crops | U.S. Department of Agriculture
Cover Crops | Practical Farmers of Iowa
Missouri Crop Resource Guide | University of Missouri Extension
Soil Science Extension – Cover Crops | University of Wisconsin Extension
Cover Crops Network | Illinois Department of Agriculture
Cover Crops in the Midwest | Midwest Cover Crops Council
Awesome Soils: No-till & Cover Crops Video | Winona County Soil & Water Conservation District
Seeding Cover Crops (Biostrips) & Custom Made Inner Seed Rig | Winona County Soil & Water Conservation District

Farm Management

Beginning Farmer Center | Iowa State University
Library Of Farm Management Publications | University of Missouri Extension
Web-based tool for managing cost-share programs | Iowa Department Of Ag & Land Stewardship
Annie’s Project: Empowering Women In Agriculture
Women, Food & Ag Network
Ag Water Exchange | Blog | Discovery Farms Minnesota
Web Soil Survey | USDA NRCS
LandCAN Toolbox| LandCAN
Land Management | Mississippi Valley Conservancy

Water Planning For Agricultural Land

Prioritize, Target, & Measure Application (PTMApp) | Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources
Nutrient Sensor Action Challenge | U.S. EPA
NRCS | Service Center Locator (by state)
Precision Nutrient Management Planning | USDA NRCS
Putting Together a Watershed Plan | Conservation Technology Information Center
9 Elements For Watershed Planning | U.S. EPA
Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watershed Initiative | USDA NRCS
A Citizens’ Guide To Watershed Planning | University of Wisconsin Extension
Minnesota’s Water Sustainability Framework
Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program | Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture
What Is Conservation Drainage? | Purdue University
Conservation Drainage | Iowa Soybean Association
Agricultural Irrigation Management | Webinar | North Central Region Water Network
Watering Systems For Rotational Grazing | Video | University Of Minnesota
River Restoration | Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Watershed Health Assessment Framework Tool  | Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Iowa | Nutrient Reduction Strategy
Illinois | Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy
Minnesota | Nutrient Reduction Strategy
Minnesota | Stream Buffer Management
Missouri | Nutrient Reduction Strategy
Wisconsin | Nutrient Strategy

Organizations For Conservation In Agriculture

Land Conservation Assistance Network | LandCAN
ATTRA Sustainable Farming
Conservation Technology Information Center
Farm Bureau | All states
Illinois Agriculture Organizations | List
Iowa Agriculture Organizations | List
Iowa Prairie Network
Iowa Prairie Resource Center | Department Of Natural Resources
Practical Farmers Of Iowa
Green Lands Blue Waters
Land Stewardship Project
Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)
Minnesota Corn Growers Association
Conservation Funding Guide | Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Minnesota Soybean Growers Association
Minnesota Institute For Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Farming Association Minnesota
Missouri Agribusiness Association
Missouri Coalition For the Environment
Missouri Soybean Association
Missouri Corn Growers Association
Wisconsin Agriculture Associations | List
Minnesota Department of Ag

Leased Land

Landowner’s Toolbox | Drake University Agricultural Law Center
Sustainable Farm Lease | Videos | Drake University Agricultural Law Center
A Landowner’s Guide To Leasing Land For Farming | Land For Good
Improving Your Farm Lease Contract | Iowa State University Extension
Women Caring For the Land | Conservation Outreach For Female Non-operator Landowners
Conservation Addendum For Farm Lease | USDA NRCS
Library of Land Leasing Publications | University of Missouri Extension

Farm Transition

Farm Transitions Network
Farm Succession Workshops | Iowa State University Extension
Farm Transition Tools | Land Stewardship Project
Keeping It In the Family | Book | Lobley, Baker, Whitehead
Partnership For America’s New Farmers

Land Trusts

Mississippi Valley Conservancy
Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
American Farmland Trust
Minnesota Land Trust
Putting the Land In Trust | Missouri Dept. Of Conservation
Gathering Waters | Wisconsin’s Alliance For Land Trusts
Watershed Land Trust
Wetlands America Trust | Ducks Unlimited

Water Law

Water Laws & Regulation | Iowa Water Center
Clean Water Act Marks 40th Anniversary | Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Fundamentals Of Minnesota Watershed Law  |  Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Clean Water Act In Missouri | Missouri Coalition For the Environment
Clear Progress: The Clean Water Act At 40 | Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources

Watershed Groups

Farmer-Led Groups in Upper Mississippi River Basin | Fishers & Farmers Partnership
Watershed Groups | Illinois
Watershed Groups | Iowa
Watershed Groups | Minnesota
Watershed Groups | Missouri
Watershed Groups | Wisconsin
Iowa Watershed Projects Map | Iowa Department Of Ag & Land Stewardship
Minnesota Association Of Watershed Districts
Missouri Stream Team

Places To Fish


Get a Fishing License

Fishing laws & license info for all states or buy a license online
One-stop resource for everything fishing and boating

Fish In the Basin

Fishes Of Iowa
Fishes Of Illinois
Fishes Of Minnesota
Missouri Field Guide | Fish  
Fishes Of Wisconsin

The American Fisheries Society | State chapters
The following mapbooks are prepared by Fishers & Farmers Partnership as decision-making tools for habitat restoration. Files are large, so will take a few minutes to download.
Iowa Fish Habitat Mapbook
Illinois Fish Habitat Mapbook
Minnesota Fish Habitat Mapbook
Missouri Fish Habitat Mapbook
Wisconsin Fish Habitat Mapbook

Fishing Groups

Federation Of Fly Fishers | Missouri
Bass Fishing Clubs | All states
Bass Nation
Trout Unlimited

Northern Illinois Anglers Association
Iowa Fishing Clubs
Woman Anglers Of Minnesota
American Casting Association | Missouri
Eastern Missouri Crappie Club
Missouri Kayak Fishing Association
Missouri Trout Fishing Organizations
Yahara Fishing Club | Wisconsin
Wisconsin Women Fish

Fish Passage – You Can Help

Minnesota Guide for Stream Connectivity and Aquatic Organism Passage Through Culverts | Minnesota Department of Transportation
Culvert versus Bridge Selection Help | Minnesota Department of Transportation
Minnesota Statewide Altered Watercourse Project | Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Fish Passage at Dams Strategic Analysis | Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
National Fish Passage Program | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Fish and Aquatic Conservation | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

River Restoration & Stream Tools

Iowa’s River Restoration Toolbox | Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Watershed Restoration Viewer | Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Stream Habitat Program – River Ecology Unit | Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Watershed Health Assessment Framework Tool  | Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Fishes of Minnesota Mapper | Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Local Leadership

Questions To Consider When Starting a Farmer-Led Watershed Group | UW Discovery Farms
Producer-Led Watershed Protection Resources | WI Dept. Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection
Leading By Example: 2015 Wisconsin Farmer-Led Watershed Council Report  | UW Extension
Indian Creek Watershed Project Keys To Success | Video | Purdue University
Community Leaders’ Guide to Building Watershed Communities | Iowa State University
Leadership & Performance Based Watershed Management | Iowa State University
A Start-Up Guide For Farmer-Led Watersheds | Resources, video & stories | University of Wisconsin
Civic Engagement In Watershed Projects  | Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Educating the Next Generation Of Water Leaders | Webinar | North Central Region Water Network
Farmer Leadership In Watershed Management | Webinar | North Central Region Water Network
Indiana Watershed Leadership Program | Archived Webinars | Purdue University
Know Your Watershed | Library of support for local, voluntary watershed partnerships
Managing Conflict | Conservation Technology Information Center
Leading & Communicating | Conservation Technology Information Center
Pathways For Getting To Better Water Quality: The Citizen Effect | Book | Morton & Brown
Co-Nexio: Leading Through Change

Stories About People, Farms, & Rivers In Our Basin

Voices of the River | Meet people who’ve acted for the Minnesota River
Channels of Collaboration
| Working together for the Upper Minnesota River
Curiosity Alive & Well On the Farm & In the Focus Group | Yellow Medicine River
Where Did the Riffles & Pools Go? | Watonwan River
The Flow In the Watonwan | Watonwan River
Minnesota Farmer Connects Land, People, and Rivers | Anne Queenan interviews Carmen Fernholtz
State Trail System Brings Recreation To Blue Earth River | A small town story on KSMQ’s “Off 90”
A Citizen Advisory Group Gets Started | Le Sueur River Watershed
Our Ties To the Land & Water | 7 Recommendations   | Le Sueur River Watershed
Doug Albin’s Questions Become Conservation Legacy | Yellow Medicine River
Art & Barb Straub, Educating Children To Restore the Minnesota River
Restoring Oxbow Lakes Along the Boone River | The Nature Conservancy Brochure
Why Strip Till and Cover Crops Matter | Boone River Watershed
Root River Field to Stream Partnership | Minnesota Department of Ag

Learning Libraries

So What’s a Pasture Walk? | Jim Munsch Coon Valley, WI
Resources For Nutrient Management Planners | University of Missouri Extension
Farm Management | University of Missouri Extension
Grazing | Iowa Beef Center, Iowa State University Extension
Action & Innovation In Upper Midwest Watersheds | Webinar Library | North Central Water Network
Managing by Network Presentation-Fishers & Farmers:Watershed Leaders Network | Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy
Collaborative Conservation Broadcast with Fishers & Farmers & Iowa Soybean Association | USFWS
Efforts to Ensure Biodiversity: The Endangered Species Act  | LawShelf Educational Media
The Watershed Game | University of Minnesota Extension
Fishers & Farmers Presentation, RFP, Project Template, Ranking, Watershed Leaders Network | FFP