About Us

We support local, farmer-driven initiatives that reduce soil erosion and nutrient runoff to streams of the Upper Mississippi River Basin

What We Offer

Each year Fishers & Farmers Partnership awards funds to local, farmer-driven projects in the Upper Mississippi River Basin. Professionally facilitated workshops and other neighbor-to-neighbor programs bring soil health and watershed groups together to hear real-life success stories, share experiences, ask important questions, build skills, reflect and strategize as local teams. To help rural communities reach their own goals, we offer science-based agriculture and stream health resources that put a lens on published information and technical services relevant to them.

Our Approach

Shared work, flexible funding, and productive relationships between landowners, agriculture, and conservation organizations is our goal. We connect people and empower landowners to act for themselves, their communities and the greater good. As a self-directed association of non-government groups, tribal organizations, and state and federal agencies we have the freedom to listen, innovate, and act responsively. 

Our activities spring from goals in Fishers & Farmers Partnership’s Strategic Plan, which is updated every three years.

Steering Committee

Members of our steering committee direct and oversee partnership activities and grant funding. Participation is voluntary.

Terry Spence, Family Farms For the Future & Citizens Legal Environmental Action Network
Mike Steuck, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Ben Lubinski, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Brandon Iddings, Iowa Soybean Association
Steve Sodeman, Minnesota Corn Growers Association

Jack Lauer, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Sherry Fischer, Missouri Department of Conservation
Jered McGovern, National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium
Heidi Keuler, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Region 3
Ryan Toot, U.S. Forest Service – Northeast Region
Kristin Bouska, U.S. Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center

Matthew Mitro, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Petition to Join

Interested organizations may join upon request, with steering committee approval. If your group shares our vision and will contribute time, expertise, funding or other resources to improve farms and fish habitat, contact Fishers & Farmers Partnership coordinator, Heidi Keuler.


Fishers & Farmers Partnership is a member of the National Fish Habitat Partnership. This partnership has a mission to protect, restore and enhance aquatic communities in the United States through partnerships that foster fish habitat conservation and improve life for people. In the Midwest, we are aligned with four other Midwest Fish Habitat Partnerships: Trout Unlimited – Driftless Area Restoration Effort; Midwest Glacial Lakes Fish Habitat Partnership; Ohio River Basin Fish Habitat Partnership; Great Lakes Basin Fish Habitat Partnership.