Tainter Creek Watershed (Southwest WI), a joint project of the Fishers & Farmers Partnership & Driftless Area Restoration Effort, has been selected to be one of the 10 National Fish Habitat Partnership’s 2019 Waters to Watch. This annual list of 10 represents a collection of strategic conservation efforts implemented on rivers, streams, estuaries, and lakes to protect, restore, or enhance their current condition. These examples of conservation have been fundamental to the overall success of the National Fish Habitat Partnership since 2006.

Conservation efforts are working to reverse persistent declines in our nation’s aquatic habitats. Having featured over 110 partnership projects since 2007, these “Waters to Watch” aim to show that science-based, on-the-ground conservation efforts can make a difference in improving fish habitat across the United States.  Tainter Creek in Wisconsin has several ongoing projects including improving streambank stabilization, in-stream cover for trout, cover crops, prairie strips, rotational grazing, strengthening the farmer-led council, outreach, monitoring, and enhancing angling accessibility.

Local partners of the Tainter Creek project include the Coulee Region Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Valley Stewardship Network, Vernon and Crawford Counties, Mississippi Valley Conservancy, as well as state and federal partners including Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides both funding and technical assistance to the 20 Fish Habitat Partnerships across the country to aide in implementing aquatic conservation projects nationwide. “We can’t do this work alone!  We rely heavily on these 20 unique and innovative partnerships to help us improve fish habitat and achieve our shared conservation goals,” said David Hoskins, Asst. Director of Fish and Aquatic Conservation, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

“These projects are representative of some of the best collaborative initiatives in conservation today.” Said Ed Schriever, Chair of the National Fish Habitat Board.  “The leveraging of resources through our partnerships is remarkable and proves that we can collectively achieve more to benefit fish habitat.”

People interested in learning more about the National Fish Habitat Partnership and partner projects happening across the U.S. can find out more information on how to get involved on our Partnerships page;

The 2019 “Waters to Watch” list and associated Fish Habitat Partnerships:

  1. Alexander Creek, AK – Mat-Su Basin Salmon Habitat Partnership
  2. Amargo Creek, NM – Desert Fish Habitat Partnership
  3. Coal Creek, WY – Western Native Trout Initiative
  4. Crews Creek, GA – Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership
  5. Elephant Butte Reservoir, NM – Reservoir Fish Habitat Partnership
  6. Megler Creek, WA – Pacific Marine and Estuarine Partnership
  7. Spasski River and Hoonah Native Forest Partnership, AK – SE Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership
  8. Sullivan Gulch, OR – Pacific Marine and Estuarine Partnership
  9. Tainter Creek, WI – Fishers and Farmers Partnership/Driftless Area Restoration Effort
  10. Upper Green Valley Creek, CA – California Fish Passage Forum

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