We support farmers, landowners, advisors, and local groups working together to reduce soil erosion and nutrient runoff to streams of the upper Mississippi River Basin.

Productive Farming

Our goal is profitable, environmentally-friendly farm operations. Every Fishers & Farmers activity, program, and funding award is measured against its potential to accomplish that goal.

Successful Farmer Leaders

Watershed Leaders Network connects local watershed groups to peers who are working toward similar goals across the Upper Mississippi River Basin—in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. Workshops, events and online connections offer the opportunity to hear real-life success stories, share experiences, ask questions, build skills and knowledge, and reflect and strategize as local teams away from daily demands.

Funding For Farmer-Directed Projects

Each year we award funding to projects led by local teams of landowners, advisors, and community partners who are working together to reduce soil erosion and nutrient runoff to streams of the Upper Mississippi River Basin. See our Project Funding page for more information and a list of previously funded projects.

Relevant Information For Farmers

Information for improving local streams and watersheds is abundant but often hidden, detailed, and complicated. We put a lens on published information and technical services to help rural communities use resources relevant to local goals and decisions.

Credible science is the baseline for this guidance. Farmer and landowner experience turns science into knowledge for daily life.

Fishers & Farmers Partnership Strategic Plan

Awarded projects are selected to achieve goals outlined in Fishers & Farmers Partnership’s Strategic Plan. The plan is updated every three years by the steering committee.