Since 2016, fishers, farm operators, landowners, agricultural retailers, soil and water conservation staff, and watershed project coordinators from five states have come together to form connections and learn from each other at Watershed Leaders Network workshops, a program of Fishers & Farmers Partnership. At the 2018 workshop in Hannibal, Missouri, TA’PI Story filmed participants to create a video that will be shared at a national film fest during the American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society Joint Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada.

Check out the newly released video!

Watershed Leaders Network Concept & Programming
NewGround, Inc. /
Co-Nexio LLC  /
with major funding from the McKnight Foundation

TA’PI Story  /
with NewGround, Inc.

Video Funding
Missouri Department of Conservation
TA’PI Story
NewGround, Inc.

Fishers & Farmers Partnership’s Watershed Leaders Network workshops offer local groups a place to learn from each other and gather in an environment of respect and trust. Local teams often include farm operators, landowners, land managers, agricultural retailers, Soil and Water Conservation District board members, watershed project coordinators, fishers and hunters who value time to think together and identify next wise steps for their local work.

See views of the August 2018 workshop in Hannibal, Missouri here.

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