Action Stories

The data on saving soil and protecting water quality is clear. Conservation practices work. However, they take time and money, and other priorities can get in the way. The Root River Field to Stream Partnership gathered data, but more importantly, it engaged with growers and encouraged conversations among growers that led to positive changes.

Think Different

Everybody says they care about conservation, but in three small southeastern Minnesota watersheds, farmers stepped up to the plate to walk the talk. When the Root River Field to Stream Partnership came knocking in 2015, 47 out of 48 farmland owners opened the door. More importantly, they opened their farm gates to the review of their soil and water conservation practices by Ron Meiners, the partnership’s technical specialist.

“It was a unique approach, as we called on farmers to share their stewardship goals and asked to walk their land,” says Meiners…FULL STORY CONTINUED at

— Story by Jim Ruen

Fishers & Farmers Partnership for the Upper Mississippi Basin granted $33,000 to Root River Field to Stream Partnership for outreach and monitoring.