Earn and Build Value

In every business, good management includes planning for short- and long-term benefits. This year’s investment in erosion control, nutrient management, and soil health produces a crop,
plus rich rewards down the line.

Lead.Close To Home

Do.Agricultural Best Practices

Lead by example.

Take action to achieve personal goals, add value for long-term productivity, and improve conservation aspects of your farm.

Invite neighbors to see practices on your farm.

Share what you’re doing with neighbors, who may also be looking for better ways to do things. Tell how projects influence your work load and income, and benefit the farm and your family. Make it social.

Share specialized equipment with neighbors.

Some landowners loan specialized equipment, such as strip-till systems, to operators and neighbors to expand conservation in their subwatersheds. Consider keeping old equipment to use this way when you upgrade to a new system, or encourage local ag or conservation services to buy equipment for shared use.

Collaborate with local conservation programs to promote best practices in your neighborhood.

Say YES to interviews and requests to share your work in conservation tours. Participate in local watershed projects to learn, share knowledge, and encourage others. If it makes sense for you, take a leadership role to select projects, test practices, build participation, or share what the group is doing with local groups or other audiences.

Talk about your land, what you’re doing, and why.

Tell what you’ve done and why. What motivated you to take action? Where did you get information and support? How did you manage risk? What are the results of your choices?

A Case For Collaborative Planning


Collaborators: Work Together


own the asset.

Personal communication and clear rental agreements benefit people, soil, streams & fish.


make choices daily.

Across the Basin, producers work for profitable operations that protect water quality.

Local Organizations

point the way.

Committed leaders gather neighbors and resources to act for the common good.


provide technical assistance.

Experts and mentors are ready to help.