Stabilize and Advance Projects

The scale of the work is huge, but every project moves us forward. Farming, conservation, social, technical, and engineering skills are necessary and helpful.

Lead.Close To Home

Do.Make It Easy

Look for new ways to collaborate across sectors.

If you are a crop consultant, have you talked with your peers at local Soil and Water Conservation District or Natural Resources Conservation Service offices lately? If you are a conservation specialist, have you reached out to connect with local ag service businesses? How can you work together to give farmers better options?

Encourage a full farm conservation plan and work within it.

A comprehensive farm production/conservation management plan leads to long-term stability and financial health. Whatever service you provide to a farm owner or operator, encourage a comprehensive plan so goals are achieved in a systematic, productive way.

Connect with people.

Reach out, even when it isn’t easy or natural. Open the door to shared work. Be clear, concise, and collaborative. Listen to understand farmers’ goals.

Everyday Choices Guide Next Generation


Collaborators: Work Together


own the asset.

Personal communication and clear rental agreements benefit people, soil, streams & fish.


make choices daily.

Across the Basin, producers work for profitable operations that protect water quality.

Local Organizations

point the way.

Committed leaders gather neighbors and resources to act for the common good.


provide technical assistance.

Experts and mentors are ready to help.