Call To Action

Keep Soil and Fertilizers In the Field

Reduce runoff and erosion from your own operation.
Invite neighbors 
and nonfarming landowners in your area to do the same. 


Every Choice Counts

The shift begins when someone sees the watershed-scale issue and wants to do something about it.

Farm operators, landowners, and technical advisors are developing and using practices for more successful, environmentally friendly farms and healthier streams and fish across the Basin. Some are working on local issues together, then sharing what they’re doing with others.

Results on the land are real and satisfying. Stronger community connections and opportunities for natural leadership are benefits, too.

Act Together

The balance tips to widespread, lasting farm and watershed health
when many farm landowners and operators take action in one place
at the same time. Environmentally friendly farming methods at
scale create conditions that allow natural systems to renew
themselves, and keep the land working for you.

Our Work Supports Yours

We believe neighbors influence neighbors and healthy fish, streams, and farms can be the norm. To achieve that goal we support farmers and landowners with clear information, programs, technical assistance, and seed funding that connect people, encourage shared work, strengthen local leaders, and get work done on the ground.

Collaborate for local solutions

Farm Landowner & Renter

Jerry Peckhumn

Jefferson, Iowa
Jerry Peckhumn


Dave Dunn

Bourbon, Missouri
Dave Dunn

Watershed Coordinator

Karen Galles

St. Peter, Minnesota
Karen Galles